Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag (Chicago)

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Ladies and Gentlemen,
the Chicago Theatre is proud to announce a first,
the first time anywhere there has been an act of this nature.
Not only one little lady but two you've read about them in the papers
and now here they are.
Chicago's own killer dillers, those sintilating sinners
Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly.

You can like the life you're living
You can live the life you like
You can even marry Harry
But mess around with Ike.

And that's good
Isn't it grand?
Isn't it great?
Isn't it swell?
Isn't it fun?
Isn't it.
But nothing stays.
In 50 years or so, it's gonna change ya know.
But oh its heaven, nowadays.

Ok you babes of jazz.
Lets pick up the pace.
Lets make the parties longer, lets make the skirts shorter.
Lets all go to hell in a fast car and keep it hot.

And all that jazz!
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