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Manufactured Extinct

Cattle Decapitation

In the beginning of this, the anthropocene era
Life was pristine, resonating impact… the instigator’s arrival
Densely populating smashing biodiversity
Altered climate accelerating
Exacerbated by our human activities
We used it up, we wore it out
We made it do what we could have done without

Machines to make machines
Fabricating the end of all living things
Sacrificing all morality, the ends never justify the means
Technology defines the ages
Our human history burns its own pages

Under the sun and in the light of day we throw this all away
Instinctual devotion to annihilation
Eradication, mass predation - manufactured extinction
The powers that be are you and me

These enemies of inconvenience, undertakers
Entire species erased
Millions of acres defaced

Fuck this flesh
Curating distress
Composing our dirge
True nature emerged

Under the sun and in plain sight
A tragedy has been designed
By hands of cultures intertwined
In greed and cruel ways of life
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