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Blind Eye


Taken away from tine to time
Experienced in denying
Doesn't matter if they're right or wrong
Seems like a bunch of lies
Under control has been your soul
Begging 'till the end of the night
Stealing dreams and goals

Blind eye
Information don't get in your mind
Blind eye
From the cradle 'till you die
Blind eye
For the people who can't fight in life
Blind eye

Far away from face ahead
Any kind of punishment
Respected pure intellect
Proected by the government
Less amount's coming to your payroll
Deserve your money back?
The chances now are low

(Repeat Chorus)

In the end you'll need
is just something to believe
If you give and not receive
(no complaints on me)
no one's blamed for livin' in shit!

(Repeat Chorus)

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