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Comin' Thru

Chali 2Na

(Comin' through today)
Welcome to terrordome...
I'm your host the friendly neighborhood baritone
Vocals channel the spirits of old poets
I don't drink my glass never behold Moet
Similar to barroom[? ] is Dunbar
From the crew you thought was just all chorus and one star... now
I'm one-sixth of a clique that bumps shit
While commercial counterparts speak of constant conflict I'm...
(Comin' through today)
Alot of details
Oh my body be scales
I'm from Ida B. Wells
People see I'll and good times just like eleven
With a really deep militant mind like Michael Evans
Every posse recline watch me get applause
Forming reservoirs on your desert shores
Your witnessing mental and verbal fitness friend
Tuna fish that descended from Lake Michigan

Comin thru today
Competition listen
You got work to do
Chali 2-N-A
Bringing it straight to you
Comin thru today
You can't pass it by
Chali 2-N-A
Comin straight from Chi'

All day when I say
I'm much more than just some backpack crap
Intelligent rap act or militant black cat... I'm
Killin' venemous platinum plaque rats
I'm forever spittin' relevent facts and that's that
And how you play the game
Is how the game plays you, way true
Cadence is wild style like phase two
Touring without rest and blessed
My skull's laced with titanium plates that pass metal detections... yes
Instant vintage, deep in the trenches
Every sentence can leave speakers defenseless
Peeking through fences and speaking bleaker than Memphis
Peaking your interest with heat-seeking intentions


(Comin' through today)
I'm from the city where they
Buried Al Capone and house music was born
Robert Kelly performed and heavy styles was shown
I made hidra[? ] and settled miles from home
Coast to coast LA from Chicago
Whether your gospel your spittin' is really gospel
The kid that kicked with Matt[? ]
Apocalyptic rap, I can't[? ] come to grips with that fact

Your learnin' why the turntable turnin'
People should know me more than for
Just the verbal Herman... Munster, what?

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