She's Very


Watch the street
Watch out !
She is out there

I've got goody goody eyes
With twenty ten visions
Inside my head

She walks around this big fat town
And all the other pity male
That passing her by
Dribble around

She doesn't know that she's so fine
I'm gonna give her all I've got and all I'm gonna earn
While she is untouched

Shippai muen no kanpeki puran
Koko made wa subete umaku junchou ni shinkou ni shite kita hazunanoni

`Gomen'nasai ne
Anata no koto wa
Sukina ndakeredo
Mada sukoshi jikan wo kudasai' tte

(She's Very !)
Every time I ask her out
She says no ″YES″ or she says ″NO″
I've gotta find a reason why she's been so shy

(She's Very)
Wakatta kanojo wa akuma
Otokogokoro kusugutte
Nani mo shiranai junshin mukuna furi wo shite

She played around with my affections
Yeah alright I admit that I lost the game
I'm gonna turn it around

Saido atakku shite iki shouchin shite
Nani mo wakarazu jimai
Wake mo wakaranai mama hamatte iku

`Gomen'nasai ne anata no koto wa
Sukina ndakeredo mazuwa tomodachi kara hajimemashi you'

(She's Very)
Every time I ask her out
She dodges like Mohamed Ali
Welcome to the world of where the jungle prevails
(She's Very)
Wakatta kanojo wa akuma
Otoko wo moteasonde
Nani mo shiranai junshin mukuna furiw wo shinagara
She just turns me on again

I've been a too desperate
I was starving like hyena hunting for prey
It's my turn to be on top
It's time for me to be a little smarter now to set a trap...

Every time she ask me out
First I stop and think to myself
Should I be the one to be the one or not

(She's Very)
Naughty girl at last she is mine
Taunting her with absolute grin
Never need to learn a courtship dance from today

I know
She's Alright
She's all mine
Don't have to make sure if she'd absolutely cum

But wait
Am I alright ?
Do I ever need to know if I'm right ?
I could be the one that's falling hard
And get addicted to the girl
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