A Loss For Words

Charles Billingsley

I've prayed in the silence
And felt your presence near
I've walked in the garden
And found you waiting there
I have stood with the masses
To lift my hands in praise
I've knelt there all alone and called your name
Yet today I'm just not sure
Of what I should say

I am empty
You are holy
Come and fill my soul with who you are
In my silence
You still hear me
In the quiet of this moment I am heard
I'm overwhelmed
And at a loss for words

I've cried in my weakness
For strength to just believe
I've searched for a reason
That you would die for me
How could the Lamb of Glory
Choose to take my place
And with open arms of love offer grace
Yet today I'm just not sure
Of what I should say


You are holy, you are worthy
The blessed Son of God, the morning star
You are glorious, you are marvelous
But there's so much more, to who you really are
To who you really are

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