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If Lovin' You Is Wrong

Charlotte Perrelli

Well I know my friends are talking
Talking 'bout the things we do
And I guess it ain't no secret
They don't think too much of you
But no matter what they're saying
I will still be wanting you
I don't care where you have been babe
Only where you going to
When I look in your eyes
I see paradise
And I know we will go there tonight
No matter how hard they try
Try to block up my sight
Baby, they won't be standing in our light

Cause if loving you is wrong
I don't wanna be right
Then I'll be doing wrong
With all of my might
Yes, if loving you is wrong-
I don't wanna be right
I'll be mistaken every day and night
Cause if loving you is wrong babe
I don't wanna be right

I don't care what you've been doing
Where you've been or what you done
Don't care if they say you're coming
From the wrong side of the town
And I think I'm going crazy
Cause you're everything to me
And I don't care what they're thinking
I just wish they let us be
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