Cross the river to me, but pay your price
To the boatman pay an obolus twice
Else he'll leave you there to wander and roam
On the shores of hell all alone
Accept your fate

A three headed dog keeps my home for me
With a mournful cry and a laughing hate
He'll let you in but you can't escape
You're mine now, so relax
Accept your fate

My house is filled with the blood of sheep
Earthly treasures while here you'll keep
From room to room are the shades of dead
Woe and misery are what you're fed
Accept your fate

Have you met my wife Persephone?
Who I raped and brought here with me?
Together we'll rule the souls of the dead
The life you lived is a shadowy light
But does it really matter in eternal night?
Have you heard all the evil things about me?
Do you think they're true? Come here and see
You'll get what you deserve
You'll have to pay the price
You'll get what you deserve
You bet it won't be nice
You've gone to hell
The gates are closed
The gates are closed now
I put my staff to rest
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