Chelsea Williams

Even if it takes all night, even it takes all night
I'm gonna find a reason, gonna find a reason
Tryna tell me this isn't right, tell me this isn't right
I'm gonna make you feel, gonna make you feel it, ohh
Even if it takes all night

Even if it takes all my life, some days I think it might
It's always waiting on me, always waiting on me
You know you can cut like a knife, you cut like a knife
I'm just a puddle baby, just a puddle baby ooh

Even if it takes all my life its easy when it's black and white
We can never leave the color inside the lights
Something bout the way you make me feel it's
Like I can hardly breathe you're not by my side
Even when I walk away, I walked away

I'm never gonna stay, I'm never gonna stay
Cuz I'm just a boomerang, a boomerang
You're waiting to catch me baby, catch me baby ohh
You gonna catch me maybe
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