who feels you now
who sees you now
who breathes you now
who sees you now
I see you/ you want to change place
I can find it for you
you want to keep pace
I can wind it for you
you want to find taste
I can get it for you
you want to save waste
I can rid it for you
who do you think you are
I see you here
it's all so clear
before me now
transformed somehow
I can't control what I've been told
I can't erase your empty face
I'm all alone and on my own
forgetting what creates a rut
now done to make the past a fake
what put me here is guilt and fear
you can't deny the things you try
in every place I see your face
continue on until I'm gone
enough control to fill the role
it takes me in deserving sin
no better now
lay down somehow
so take it back or wish attack
now see it clear and have it here
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