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So tell di gal dem fi link up
A roots wi a drink up
Wid henessey inna di tin cup
Highgrade mek mi stink up
Mi jus icy-mint up
A more gal wi a pimp up

Verse 1:
Calico mi name and mi nuh deal wid nuh manogamy
Anyweh mi go a bare phat sexy gal a follow mi
Plus dem know i am a memba of the gangsta colony
Plus dem si mi rollin deep wid super hype mi family
Fi get a gal from every skool dat a our priority
Want a gal from campion or even one from priory
'Macculate dem a di hit and mi style dem a test i'
But mi still a juk di whitey from hydell academy


Verse 2:
Super look, rise di shottie if a bwoy nuh want nuh buff catty
U si di fatty and di sled, dat a fi fuck dottie
A nuh dat, u waan fi si when shi a suck cocky
She mek mi eyes roll back. dorothy doan stop i'
U gal pussy did tight b4 we fuck i'
Now da pussy deh couldn't fit inna 3 buggie
Sen har dung a dr rose fi try n seal up i'
And if a gal nuh like mi nike den mi a reebok i'

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