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So Far


So far
I fall down and I hurt
I keep running towards dreams
Follow this song, just close your eyes and hear
I hear a ocean distant
With a dream, over the horizon
Going to that place that becomes clearer
Day after day
So far
You can open a smile
I did not succeed
With a job that I do not like
I struggle

I will believe unconditionally
I'm still a rural composer, but
I wrote the word professional on top of amateur
The battle of 3 years, mixed with blood and sweat that evaporates in 3 minutes
False false
People who no longer have their own opinion and think of the words of others
That's why this crap is best sold
What do these guys know about you?
Your dreams, your hobbies, can they understand?
If you read carefully, there are many things that change
All children who do not know what they are yet, continue to nudge their nose
Nothing is everything
My name is my life
Hopeful Vigor
My type is more positive than negative
Because time flows fast
They told me that the world is cold
In addition to teaching me some lessons
Prejudice, negative responses, double standards and name-calling
You're bad, I want to make music
For now, I'll do whatever you want, leave me alone

So far
So far
If you to a dream
Just a dream flying
Not far
If you to a dream
Just a dream flying
Time is so cruel
Now it's so hard
You changed?
Or did I change?
I hate until this moment that is passing
I think we've changed
I think that's the way things are
Stay a little longer
Stay there
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