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God Of Miracles

Chris McClarney

Let faith arise in spite of what I see
Lord I believe
But help my unbelief
I choose to trust You
No matter what I feel, let faith arise
Let faith arise

For my champion's not dead, He is alive!
Oh, and He already knows my every need
Surely He will come and rescue me

God of miracles come
We need Your supernatural
love to break through
Nothing's impossible
You're the God of miracles

Let faith arise and see the kingdom come
I lift my eyes, oh
For the battle has been won
My God is faithful, oh
And every single word
He said is true, oh

This world is shaking but You cannot be shaken
My heart is breaking but I'm not broken yet
Your love is fearless
Help me to be courageous too
Oh there is nothing impossible

For the God of miracles
We need Your supernatural love
To break through, nothing's impossible
You're the God of miracles

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