4th Of July

Chris Murray

I can hear my voice complaining, I been talking to myself
and it seems like there's nobody else
who can see my situation, help me with my heavy load
and it feels like I'm going to explode
in flames all over the sky - just like the 4th of July
well they've taken my donation, but they say they're still not sure
that they're gonna find a cure

See my mind was getting cluttered up with things that never mattered
it was time to leave thinking alone
now I don't keep my concentration fixed on anything too long
my only thought is drifting on
cos there's a red glare blinding my eyes - just like the 4th of July
well I'll pay my debt to science, but I'm defaulting on my loans
come and take my skin and bones

Since I lost my destination and forgot my way back home
I been waiting for a sign to come
when you're ready Lord, I'm able for to join you at the table
cos I been chillin' with the chosen ones
and talking 'bout spinning wheels in the sky - just like the 4th of July
to the promised land I'm coming, somewhere on along this road
somewhere on along this road...
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