Lucky Seven

Chris Squire

In the shadows of the fading light
Nothing in sight, nothing in mind.
NOthing gained when you're feeling restrained
The more you look, the more you find
Take a bite from the apple of life's not as bad, as its right, as its right, and I think you could be,
Lucky tonight

By the fates that drive us on
Upon the sea we swiftly sail
In the wake of the carnival trail
The more we try, the less we fail
You and I, the more we strive in our search for truth, love and honesty could be,
Lucky tonight

From the trees by the silvery sands
To the ice of the golden midnight lands
Runs a thread of the tears that are shed
With laughter on the other hand
Keeping up with the plans and the schemes, chasing dreams, hard to tell what it means, but I think we could be,
Lucky tonight
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