Chris Velan

Lock the door my one son
Soon it will be all done
They'll be coming for me shortly
There's blood upon the streets tonight
You should know I've done no crime
But this will be the last time
We can sit by the fire
And I'll tell you what you need to learn
'Cause I shiver when the day is good
Shiver when it's understood
Shiver at the very sight
Shiver 'cause I know I'm right

And you're young but you're able
To put food upon the table
Now your mother will need you
Your sister won't understand
And in the years that follow
If you're lost and hollow
Remember why they took me
It's because they couldn't take my soul

And I shiver for the love we give
Shiver for the life we live
Shiver when I look at you
Shiver 'cause you'll make it through

Don't carry 'round the weight
Of a vengeful hate
Soon you'll become the ones
For whom we sit and wait

You hear the slow clock ticking
Like a trigger clicking
Footsteps in the alley
The wolves are upon our door
And your tears flow free
But don't fear for me
'Cause you'll be my keeper
And a ghost is what they'll get

And I shiver at the very thought
Shiver 'cause it's all we've got
Shiver when the sky turns black
And I shiver
Because I won't be back
I shiver 'cause I won't be back
I shiver 'cause I won't be back
I shiver 'cause I won't be back
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