Don't Leave Me


Don't leave me

It's like one way ticket
It ended, it ended
It's like I love my heart over stage
Like I get to cruel beaded

Together I could have gave everything
I would have .. everything with you
Whatever ever got to understand
Now I'm taking your hand


Why are you at the door
Why you wanna leave
It I give up everything would you stay with me
I don't know where to go
This .. it's so cold
So why you wanna leave my heart on the floor?

Don't leave
Don't leave me


It's like a ..
Ripping up the picture
Something is wrong and I just can't feel
I tried to be the best man
Do the best I can
I give you everything you need
That's why I can't see baby
I thought we was forever
… upon me baby
I can't stand see you walking out the door
Baby don't leave me


Fellows if you got a girl
Which means the whole world say:
Don't leave me
Ladies if you got a man
And he don't understand
Don't leave me

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