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The Way You Look At Me

Christian Bautista

No one ever saw me like you do
All the things that i could add up too
I never knew just what a smile was worth
But your eyes see everything without a single word

'Cause there's somethin' in the way you look at me
It's as if my heart knows you're the missing piece
You make me believe that there's nothing in this world i can't be
I never know what you see
But there's somethin' in the way you look at me

If i could freeze a moment in my mind
It'll be the second that you touch your lips to mine
I'd like to stop the clock, make time stands still
'Cause, baby, this is just the way i always wanna feel

[Repeat Chorus)

I don't know how or why i feel different in your eyes
All I know is it happens every time

[Repeat Chorus)

The way you look at me

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