Burnt Offerings

Christian Death

Fresh night, hounded by the head
Very dark placid sky hangs above
No Moon shining
Like an untouched ass of the boy next door
Beginning to feel the first impressions of a strange drug

Set the leathery skin of a female, straddling a furnace
Illuminates in blue
Hands melt against the burning surface
But feel no pain, kiss the burner, lips fall away

Blood runs down the insides of her thighs
She tightens her grip in one last exaggerated movement
Then falls to the ground a pile of ashes

The burner stands triumphant over the mound
And next in line, a young boy approaches
And is assaulted by the flames
Shooting out like sharp tongues of hungry animals
Of a hungry animal

The disciple now crouches in the belly of God
His second skin removed
The boy lay sodomized and tired
Sodomized and tired
Pleasure-seekers abandon new disguises
Threatening our existence with their faces
In the corner of the room I sit and I pray

I wash dirt from my face with holy water
I wash dirt from my face with holy water
Drown in the shroud of you, Nazarene
You're hiding behind walls I can't see
I'm hiding behind walls you can't see
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