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    Christina Anu - Change Your Mind

  2. 2

    Christina Anu - Come On

  3. 3

    Christina Anu - Dive

  4. 4

    Christina Anu - I'm Falling In Love With You

  5. 5

    Christina Anu - Island Home

  6. 6

    Christina Anu - Love That Heals

  7. 7

    Christina Anu - Monkey And The Turtle

  8. 8

    Christina Anu - My Island Home

  9. 9

    Christina Anu - Party

  10. 10

    Christina Anu - Photograph

  11. 11

    Christina Anu - Stylin' Up

  12. 12

    Christina Anu - Wanem Time

I'm Falling In Love With You

Christina Anu

La la la la la Verse 1: You smile a lot It makes me wonder What your thinkin of cuz' Baby your always on my mind And right now I want you with me here by my side (Here by my side) With me til' the end of time Chorus: I just can't help myself I'm falling in love with you (love, love, with you) It doesn't matter what you say or what you do (no matter what you say, no matter what you do) Just give me a chance And I know I'll make you understand why.... I just can't help myself I'm falling in love with you Verse 2: Don't _____________ Should tell, the world just how I'm feeling yeh, cuz I wanna be sure you feel the same The more that I think about you need to know There's no other way no no Chorus: Repeat Verse 3: You must have been sent from heaven above You're everything I've ever dreamed of Too good to be true? No I don't think so Chorus: Repeat

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