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It Begins Here


Rise up, let's go, it begins here
Get up, feel free, to lose your fear
Now is your time, eliminate this state of mind
Take it away, take it away (you want to)
Be all that you can be now
Break it away, break it away (what you gonna do?)
Do not adhere, just be yourself

Now it all becomes clear
Just what i've become
What i've done, what i've become
Breaking free from this hold of all that you've done
What i know and where i go
No matter where i go

Never, no more will we feel this
Reborn, i see the end of it
Now is our time
Eliminate this state of mind

Take it away, you've only yourself to blame
Break it away, no matter what, we remain

Take it away
Break it away

Forget everything you know
Just be yourself
Forget everything you've ever known
Just be yourself, you're not alone
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