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DJ Innovator

Chubb Rock

The tune is very slow, potent and sleazy
Guys [?] like jamaicans (just easy)
And my DJ is very scary
He has a multitude of cuts and he's also very
I learn to model the things that I knew
Containing a meaning, a moral or what have you
I rap hard, sing like rigoletto
And we shall acclaim fame right in the ghetto
And howie can anyone take you? (nah)
I thought you might have lost it (moi?)

Well I'm a DJ innovator

Well now I should think you might remember the faces
I'm chubb rock and behind me ten paces
Is a, individual who's happy and gallant
A remarkable producer who's showing his talent
Playing synthesizers, making musical chords
We'll be sitting next to janet at the Grammy awards
And all the stars will never figure out why
A rapper like me is feeling up janet's thigh
And I will be rubbing elbows with frank sinatra
Cause when I perform, I gotcha

Well I'm a DJ innovator
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