DJ Innovator

Chubb Rock

The tune is very slow, potent and sleazy
Guys like jamaicans (just easy)
And my DJ is very scary
He has a multitude of cuts, and he's also very
I learn to model the things that I knew
Containing a meaning, a moral or what have you
I rap hard, sing like rigoletto
And we shall acclaim fame right in the ghetto
And howie can anyone take you? (Nah)
I thought you might have lost it (moi?)

Well, I'm a DJ innovator

Well now I should think you might remember the faces
I'm chubb rock and behind me ten paces
Is a individual who's happy and gallant
A remarkable producer who's showing his talent
Playing synthesizers, making musical chords
We'll be sitting next to janet at the Grammy awards
And all the stars will never figure out why
A rapper like me is feeling up janet's thigh
And I will be rubbing elbows with frank sinatra
'Cause when I perform, I gotcha

Well, I'm a DJ innovator

The records sounds hard, as gibraltar
And when he does a scratch, he can alter
The pitch, the style and go berserk and wild
It will linger cuz of the secrets all in his finger
He had to show his talent sooner or later
He's howie tee the hitman, a DJ innovator

Well, I'm a DJ innovator

Just easy

Many major record labels made offers, to steal us
And even soul train, huh, don cornelius
Had to come on over with my pen and pad
All the way to California, he'll pay for the cab
And the gesture is quite understood
He knows talent when he sees it cause he's on my wood
For being an artist and a good producer
They want me to do a duet with luther
But it's okay cause I like the brother
That Kentucky fried chicken mother-to compete with
Me, he has to eat more solids
I'll do the rap and he'll do the ballads
But without howie tee it can't go for
Yo howie you're def!
Well, I'm a DJ innovator

Just easy
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