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Dead Eyes Open, Or, How The Woman In The Attic Fled, Never To Return

Cinema Strange

My eyes are arid and cold on a portrait's insides.
I am time-hardened wax and I can see wide!
Fungus and frost have fondled my frontside
and I- Did he wonder and wander in small ages?
Did he forget that I died?
He's older and ugly and a beautiful baby, he's retinal mist.
Far away, far away, leaning and turning, I moan and I list!

Not flying, not walking, porous,
like curtains, I hang on the dampness of Spring!
I've known my own scrapings for so many years,
I know that something is coming!
Not demon, not quickly, gradual breaking glass...
My knees will go out from under me!
I've borne my own weight for so many years,
I know the ground is dissolving!
Not under, not behind, not slow and torpid...
I'm far-away attic frost, free and untangled!

Didn't he wonder?
I shall surprise him! Did he forget?
I shall remind him!
Please hold my hand, beautiful, ugly man!
I've come untangled, but we shall find frost again!
Dizzy and turning, you never need walk!
I shall carry you, hold you, early and blinded!
My son is no burden, I'm ancient with sorrow strength!
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