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Circle II Circle

Same old thoughts today
Echo in my mind
Hopes of you just won't decay

In those desperate days
Knowing every time you had the answer
You just wouldn't say

And this separateness
Makes it so much stranger
Wasting here from day to day

And this desperate mess
Is going to its grave
I got too much left to save
And I wanna be there

What happens to me now
Now that I've had all these shattered nightmares
Never really seeing what's right there

Pretending I don't care
Searching for the reasons (while/why the paint is)
You will breathe life
I need to have you near
It's all I ever hear
Echoes in the wind

In this helplessness
It's so hard to care
I wish it all would melt away
I could make my way
Make it back to you
Across the distance lies the truth
'Cause I wanna be there

From a haze comes a rain that fills the sky
There's no sense in wondering why
Crazy dreams were left to die

And my thoughts only cause confusion
Reminisce of my lost illusion
Still we long for a hopeful vision waiting there
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