10 Fingers (My Last Ten Minutes)

Circle Of Dead Children

Spit slides like sludge from the lips mumbling the
Lost words of a fall grievance i can barely speak to
You with purple lips and a cracked smile ripped apart
In unequaled confusion always sewing my stability back
Together with the thinnest of twinerip and sew rip and
Sewrip and sewput me back togetherrip and sewrip and
Sewrip and sew put me back togethersplit apart at all
The vital seams and the tears that seep from my eyes
Drip and mix with blood and ink blood, tears, and ink
In a pirouette of mayhem and tranquillity it's a
Whitewash of emotionsweat kisses my tongue and i know
That i'm still real i know that i'm still alive with
Myself i yell out your name and choke frothing
Deprivationthe nourishment of loss asleep with
Asleepcreeping, inching, crawling across the floor
Toward the gate 'cause that's where the flowers bloom
And wiltroses laced with blood and drool watching the
Pigment drain away from petals clung to my bodyangelic
And sweet i'm losing feelingraking open my chest with
Thornsshed back the skin exposed to he elementsfrigid
Cold violent dedication a human desecration
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