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    City High - Caramel (Remix)

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    City High - The Only One I Trust

  3. 3

    City High - What Would You Do

  4. 4

    City High - You Don´T Know Me

  5. 5

    City High - 15 Will Get You 20

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    City High - 3-Way

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    City High - Best Friend

  8. 8

    City High - Best Friends

  9. 9

    City High - Caramel

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    City High - Carmel

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    City High - Cats And Dogs

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    City High - City High Anthem

  13. 13

    City High - Didn't Ya

  14. 14

    City High - Sista

  15. 15

    City High - So Many Things

  16. 16

    City High - Song For You

  17. 17

    City High - Three Way

  18. 18

    City High - What Would You Do?

  19. 19

    City High - Why?

  20. 20

    City High - You Don't Know Me

Caramel (Remix)

City High

"Caramel (Remix)" (feat. Eve) [Verse 1: Claudette Ortiz] Uh-huh, come on You can say I'm plain Jane, but it's not the same I ain't into big names, but I like nice things I watch boxin' matches and the football games I wouldn't mind being an actress, but I love to sing I like goin' out, takin' walks and stuff I don't run with many girls 'cause they talk too much I enjoy quiet nights at home i'll curl up next to ya Though I'm ain't a virgin that don't mean I'm havin' sex withya [Chorus: Claudette & (Eve)] Anywhere I go I'm spotted (No doubt) And anything I want I got it (Yeeah) 5'5" with brown eyes (Caramel complexion) Smile like the sunrise (Body Like Heaven) 'Cause anywhere I go I'm spotted (No doubt) And anything I want I got it (Yeeah) 5'5" with brown eyes (Caramel complexion) Smile like the sunrise (Body Like Heaven) [Verse 2: Claudette] Baby look me in the eyes and tell me if I'm the kind of girl you like, I'm feelin' you 'Cause baby you're my kind of guy, that's what it is Think about it you just might wanna run with this All night long and if you want me we can keep this going But let me tell you I'm the type that's strong And I don't trust a lot of men, I'm independent I ain't like some other women [Chorus] [Verse 3: Eve] I keep 'em mesmorized, listen to me closely E-V-E is how a thorough bred supposed to be Hate the thirsty type, can't even get close to me That's why I got my own stack, Daddy, how it's supposed to be I ain't about the game, playin', and gift chasin' All in frontin' Daddy Please we both big facin' All the things I want, I got, forget me not Just from my stance, why you starin' at me? Got'chu hot Not too many bitches like her, one of a kind I mean even the bitches like her, she just a dime Not impressed by your Cris' poppin' Cause if you would, I might, end of the night, we gone be liplocking But only if I choose to, I don't fall in love easily Give'you the blues Boo I have you sittin' 'round misty-eyed Caramel, get 'em all the time Hot shit from City High [Chorus 2x]

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