Set Your Goals


Take what time that you need
To make yhat choice might be all you ever get
We all gotta make our decisions
Or take a back seat everytime

And when you cant figure out what you wanted
And youre sick of playing of everything is fine
You dont know what it is but you want it
Youre on your wat there once you set your goals
Set your goals

Dont get stuck on the money making
You miss to much and it doesnt last
You get more from what youve given
Make more life than a living

When you cant figure out what you wanted
And you cant pass off alll the blame again
cause Its all written in your hands
You cant live your life just covering up
Cause you might not get a second chance

You gotta take aim, wont you take it
Youre the only one to blame, so dont fake it
Spend your time like youre drawing a line
Between yourself and what you want
You gotta set your goals
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