Clap Your Hands!

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Run the lip off sunshine shore
Betray white water
Delay dark forms
Slap young waves on wooden bones
Don't touch the laughter and away we go

Away we go

Clap your hands!
But i feel so lonely
Clap your hands!
But it won't do nothing
Clap your hands!
But i have no money
Clap your hands!
Are you up to something?
Clap your hands!
Where's my milk and honey?
Clap your hands!
But i just look funny
Clap your hands!
I'll just wait awhile

As time alone stands still for some
Stuffed sailor up with eyeball sun
And if by castle ship should stray
It has like you no chosen fate for
It's tongue-tied caboose that leads
This ragged lad, this finger-flipping
Mom and dad (for what is worth some
Aimless steer?) and should mouth
Confuse my foggy mirror and reveal
What is not there i shall take this
Unbound train and go away...
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