A Good Run Of Bad Luck

Clint Black

A high roller even when the chips are down
To win her over, i'd seen the tables turn around
She's tenthe hard way, i can feel it in my bones
She'll be makin' my day, and not another night alone.
It's time for a windfall and not a single minute to soon
I've been to long overdue, and now i'm gonna shoot the moon.

I'd bet it all ona good run of bad luck
Seven come eleven and she could be mine
Luck be a lady, and i'm gonna find love commin'
On the bottom line.

I've been to all the tables, and i've lost it all before
I'm willin' and able, always commin' back for more
Squeezin' out a thin dime, till there's no one
Hangin' on my arm.
I've gambled on a third time, a fool will tell you it's a charm
If i'm bettin' on a loser, i'm gonna have a devil to pay
But it's the only game i know how to play, it doesn't matter anyway

Repeart chorus 2 times
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