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    Clint Mann - Chasing Shadows

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    Clint Mann - Hey Tonk Man

Chasing Shadows

Clint Mann

Chasing Shadows 1999 was summertime and everyone was looking into the sky. Searching for dreams and so it seems that everyone headed offdown to Cornwall. I can't think of a more exciting way To boost the British tourist trade & sell a load of CornishPasties; Everyone will know where they were the day When time stood still and they were chasing shadows. The sun and moon approaching soon configuration with the earth inthe sky, And I can bet that you did get a kind of strange eerie silence. From the garden, the street, the public park, From Southminster to Burnham, even in Great Baddow, You feel small when you're standing in the dark When time stands still and you are chasing shadows. Now it's all over, you discover that your neighbour has a glintin her eye; After a hug, roll up your rug and throw away plastic glasses. Words cry out like the song that strokes your lips And part of you is thinking of the year 2000, The next excuse for a party to eclipse A summer to remember as we sing out loud: "Unite the community across our land, From Crouch to Blackwater, we all feel glad to Start a new century holding our hands And move on forward without chasing shadows."

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