You bring me down and I'll kill you (4x)

What? What? When? try to understand. That this is more than
I can handle, forsaken, forgotten, deceived by you
I think my syndroms acting up, I'm off the edge
Shut up! You're gonna hear me out this time

New black-out. New counterfeit. New you Vs me in the attic
As I stand here alone, in the dark, all I want is to welcome this
New revolution

Walking and crashing and leaving this love us breed
Hear me out, I'm here for you
Falling out of reach

You're wrong. I'm not. You bring me down again

Wanna push me? I'll bring you back in line
Can you feel this. I'm standing right in front of you

Just one more thing before you leave
Stay away from me with apathy

Srap down the core
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