Begging Bowl Blues

Codeine Velvet Club

Windy old head
I sang along with the words that she said
Happy and bad
"Where goes the time?"
She asked me once
Oh and if you don't mind
Give back my heart when you go

Begging bowl blues
Wrapped round my head
Like a fistful of news nobody reads

Me and her name I can't recall
I was never the same after she left me

And oh I missed her so
Never thought much of her reason to go
And well, she cast a spell
Under I fell in a useless hello

Useless old day
Wishing the hours would take me away
Just for a while
Nobody's crook, stealing an answer
Oh why does he look drunk as the day he was born?

Ragged and torn, lives for the money these days,
What a joke
And once, twice is a sin
Couldn't get in with the elegant folk

I cannot wait any longer
And I cannot claim to be free
Whenever it seems like I'm losing
The begging bowl blues follow me

And she cannot say that she's happy
And I cant be sure if I care
I got wrapped up in the money
And the begging bowl blues kept me there
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