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Miss Me Kiss Me

Cold Flamez

P U Dolla sign H, h stands for hooligan
Miss me miss me now she wanna kiss me
Never eva broke so you ain't gotta fix me
Skinny jeans keep a nigga biscuit from a slipping
Biscuit headed bone nigga now he just a pimp squeek
Mr hita o nigga now he just a tolla
To all hip hoppa's I am ya fatha
You got a problem I am ya docta
You ride a boppa you see a monsta
And I am a mess, call me dash d cadet here to serve and protect
O and do not forget I'll murder your flesh beat it over again and then murder your best friends
Ha put it in the air keep your face down as you pull your underwear
And if your friends want to join they can meet me under there
Cause I might go down if it's clean under there

Aye girl you nasty
Girl you nasty

Kiss me kiss me now she wanna lick me
Seductive she got me walkin round with a stiffy hickys
Let em no that she with me
She pinned me on the wall had me singin like whitney
Yea she through that ass back while her friends up under was lickin my sack
Aye babe you nasty
And when we in the room yea I got you all trashy
And when you gurt me I always start laughing a little
You do it so good you make tha shit tickle
Oh ooh I really love it
Really reals baby fuckin while I'm clubbin
Beat it so good like a nigga nearly clubbed it
Loaded in this bitch yea I feal like david ruffin
Yea I love deep temptation
You no I got swipe you impatiently waiting

Aye girl you nasty
Girl you nasty

Lick me
She licked me
And now she wanna kiss me
Bitch back back I don't no where your lips be
It seems to be at night
Sorry to say lil mama I'm call it a night
You can call whoever we can get it poppin tonight
Skinny jeans on but I'm still ready to fight
Worrior earning my survival stripes
I feed off pain killers strong about the night
Poppin this now I'm headed to the club tonight
To see what chick is my next victim
She spotted me now she wanna fuck me on sight
I tell her bring your friends she can suck me all night
You nasty girl
Man I no you did it
You swallowed no spittin garitness
Now it's time to leave bye no hugs or kisses
Thanks for the sex it was great I admit it

Aye girl you nasty
Girl you nasty
Girl you nasty

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