Gus And Martin


If Bonanza Jellybean met Rutsy James in Rumblefish
Maybe they could be friends
Blow out the candles, make a wish
Would they play cards in the sand
Would they go out hand in hand
Shut up, are you kidding man?
Buy me one more if you can

Do you think they'll say "Let's go fight"
They're not so rude, maybe you're right
Bring on the boys, bring on the dykes
Thet have nunchakus, guns and knives

Come on everybody, we're not the cast
Do you know my brother? He's the best
Man, what are you talking about?/
I've got the biggest fingers in the whole fuckin' West

Put your fingers in the air, ride the horses over there
The engine's on, are you scared?
I don't play this truth or dare

If Bonanza Jellybean met Rutsy James in Rumblefish
We could call them, let's go party!
Make a toast and just say "cheers"!
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