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As If We Knew It


You never felt that something is always wrong
Suck it in boy
Spelling words they send into your throat
Automatic full joy

You want to be free before you die?
A turning
But you can't see the ground it always seems too far

"is coming and i can't i can't turn"

"as if i knew yeah
How to dissolve the moorings
I need a little help of you
Gimme a clue
You want to be free to know secrets that they tell ya?

Turning, turning, turning
Turn, i can turn"

Trespass if you wanna
Change if you wanna move and
Move if you wanna
Change if you wanna be yourself

"turnin tide
I feel my mouth arise and
Tongue not tired
Why we are
Holding to our system
Huging what they are thinkin'

It came yeah, i can, i can

Try, but i'm tired, convince
But you not, you not will"
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