Hood Took Me Under

Compton's Most Wanted

I got another gang story to tell
Peep, about how a black nigga was born in hell
And right then and there it's no hope
Cause a nigga can't escape the gangs and the dope
Damn! And when its black on black, that makes it shitty
Can't survive in the Compton city
And fool thats bet
Cause when you grow up in the hood, you gots ta claim a set
Chyeah, Its not that you want to but you have to
Don't be a mark, cause niggas might laugh you
Straight off the mutherfuckin block
Can't deal with bustas so they asses get clocked
Chyeah, who gives a fuck about another
Only got love for my fuckin gang brothers
Chyeah but I'm young so nobody would wonder
That the hood would take me under

Always strapped and eager to peel a cap
The hood done took me under

Now I'm a few ages older
Got hair on my nuts and I'm a little bit bolder
And puttin in work, I has to do my fuckin part
I'm down for the hood and its planted in the heart
Fool. At school slappin on the girls asses
Fuck the white education so I skip a lot of classes
Cause ain't no teaching a nigga white reality
Teach me the mutherfuckin gang mentality
Pop pop pop, drops the sucker
If he's from another hood I gots ta shoot the mutherfucker
Chyeah I'm in it to win it and can't quit
Fool, and ready die for this shit
One times can't fade the gang tuff
Putting my foot in your ass to make times rough
I'm the neighborhood terror but I never wondered
That the hood would take me under

Always strapped and eager to peel a cap
The hood done took me under
Police is hot, so I'm watching my back

I guess I'll watch my back cause niggas jeffin'
Times heard this brother pulled a 187
Who I thought was my homie dropped the dime
So I gotta peel his cap with the nine
Fool, if its on then its on, fuck ya G
Because how the odds are looking fool, its either him or me
So I loads up the strap and I step
Cause my brain cells are dead and all I think is death
Revenge. Chyeah, that's what its all about
See the sucker, take the mutherfucker out
Stare the fool down with the eye contact
He try to swing so I draw on him with the gatt
Blast was the sound that one times heard uh
Nigga, twenty-five to life for the murder
Was it worth it I've always wondered
Maybe if the hood didn't take me under

Chyeah, this going out to all the niggas
It's going out to my niggas
Its going out to all the niggas
My nigga Mike T
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