Sometimes, it's easy to believe
It's worth the pain, sometimes
You wonder if your efforts were all in vain
You talk to shadows on the wall
You try so hard to understand
How all the little lies and lectures can contradict
You`ve lost the sense
Flow into your mind
Embracing like a mother's womb
Flow and you will find
Forgotten pictures of the moon
You think the world is all dependent on your good will
And you believe there's always someone right behind you
To pay the bill
A pretty face is not enough to conquer anything at all
A money mountain couldn't save you
You slide your back against the wall
Flow into your mind embracing like a mother's womb
Flow and you will find forgotten pictures of the moon
The pretty face you always trusted will turn around and speak to you
And you will realise too late
You're someone that you never knew
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