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    Connecticut Yankees - This Love

I don't know why, I say the things I say I don't know why, that I do what I do, I do it to you Hey, babe, I don't mean to stray My heart's caught up in all my yesterdays, and it's a Chorus New dawn, it can't be wrong this love I don't know why, you need all you need I don't know why, you gotta take, take it, take it from me She said that if you listen with your heart than the words are strong Like twenty-four, seven of your favorite song and it's a Chorus But when the stars start shining there's nothing I can find That makes me feel like I should be this way It's just the heavens giving birth take it for what it's worth Your gonna find out for yourself one day, Yeah when Background: (love, It's love I'm running from) Your fire stops burning the world keeps on turning And your feeling like it's come undone But it's your heart that you've given you never give up living And it's love that I've been running from It's love, this love, love that I've been running from

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