Anything I Ever Do


Another day I wait in silence.
Wondering where I should go from here.
There's something I can't deny this.
I know exactly what I feel.

And I know it's you and you feel it too.
And I know you're there so close yet far away.
Know it's you and you feel it too.
And I know your there beside me.
Anything I ever do,
I would do it all for you.
Give me a chance and ill prove my love.
What you saw inside of me are things that no one ever sees.
Help me find my way inside and make this dream come true, come true

Another day, this fascination,
I can't wait to see you there again.
Face of an angel.
I saw you singing,
God was looking down on me that day


If I'm ever falling down again,
You would be there to grasp me by my hand.
If I'm ever falling down again you will be there

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