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Give Me Back My Heart


There was a time when things were so right,
But now it seems that everything is wrong,
And how I'd love to change it in one night,
But down inside I know that love is wrong,
The pain I felt, has hurt more than my heart,
The things you've done, I just can't forgive,
I was young, you took me from the start,
But now I've grown and I just wanna leave...

Give me back my heart, cause you don't really love me,
Let me be alone, cause I know you don't care,
Please don't try to say, that I don't understand you,
I know what is mine, and I don't care to share... (Repeat 1x)

You must have thought that I was young and blind,
I was young, but I could plainly see,
I never thought, a broken heart I'd find,
But when I did, the heart belonged to me,
The way I feel, I know would never end,
How many times has this gone on before,
You told me once, you'd always be my friend,
And now I know that there ain't nothing more.


Oh, no, no, I don't care to share......
Give me back my heart......Give me back my heart......
Because that heart belongs to me......
No, no, no...no, no, no, no, no, noooo......
I know you don't care......Nooooo, you never cared......
Give me back my heart......Give me back my heart...

I know it hurts to have to say good-bye,
To survive is something I must do,
My broken heart, you left it here to die,
I hope in time the pain will come to you,
The love I had, I had for only one,
But, you in turn, loved many more than me,
I can't believe the things that you have done,
And now my love is ... to set me free,


Give me back my heart

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