Aloha From Hell

The Cramps

Gonna take a week off. Gonna go to Hell.
Send ya a postcard.
Hey I'm doin' swell! Wish you were here.
Aloha from Hell. I'll be dancin' thru the flames.
Like a devil in disguise.
You can hear me sing.
But not by satellite.
You can hear me sing.
Aloha from Hell.
Gonna get a lei.
Ring o'fire round my neck. Big ol' she-devil kiss.
Aw hell! What the heck? I'm packin' my duds.
Aloha from Hell.
I'll be glad to get away.
Up here everything's so swell.
You know some like it hot and down there it's hot as Hell. Don't forget to write. Aloha from Hell.
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