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Samurai Satan


Come on Japan, scream for me out there now!
Alright Tokyo, let's go for Samurai Satan!
Alright, let me see you moshin out there! Oh!

[Verse I:]
Satanic samurais - we take the stage tonight
Crazy crowd - kamikaze stagedive
Nocturnal ninjas - prowl in the night
Satanic sumos - ready to fight
Heavy metal harikiri, impaled upon the guitar!
Sake and Asahi, dying in the bar!
Metal attack - no prisoners we take
Lakes of lava - we bring earthquake!

Come on Japan, scream for me
I wanna hear you!

Samurai Satan! - We rule Japan!
Heavy metal harikiri! - We thrash Japan!

[Verse II:]
Chainsaw Demon - Satanic shotgun!
Grave Raper - Ninja nocturnal!
Necro-Nudist - Sumo 666!
The stage erupting - like mountain Fuji!
We wield our axes like katanas
Chopping heads in the front line
Satanic sushi eaters, fucking geishas every night
Show is over - time for Roppongi!
Thrashing and drinking - beer and sake!

Come on now Japan! Let me hear you there now!!!

[Repeat Chorus]

Right Japan! Scream for me out there now!!
We're making a live recording tonight!
Alright, let me see your hands out there!
Let me see you thrashing and stagediving
Out there now!

Come on now, Chainsaw Demon!

[Repeat Verse I]

Come on now Japan!
This is your last chance on this tour!!
Come on now, help me out with this!!!

[Repeat Chorus]

Domo Japan!!!

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