Hot Fire

Crash Kings

Down below see the flow of confusion
In the end I transcend like a fool
Make believe that it’s all an illusion
I can sit with myself for awhile

Meditate for the sake of confusion
Bear in mind the results are unclear
Best to rest all your lows on a saint
Cause we’re all going down in a ball of hot fire
In a ball of hot fire

I relate to the state of confusion
Let it mix from the top of your head
Run along to your friends they can help you
It’s a long, long way from the edge

Stick around and this town will ignite you
Everywhere that you look there’s a hand
Don’t regret all the things that excite you cause we’re all going down
In a ball of hot fire
In a ball of hot fire

Run run run from the people in your mind
They’ll never catch up if you leave them far
Run run run run run run run run
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