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    Cravin Melon - Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea

Cravin Melon

If you find me sleepin' in the shade dear
Will you promise to bring me all your sweetness
All my plans are hangin' in the palms dear
All my thoughts are lost in Pawley's interest
Rock me gently the waves are softly rollin'
Salty breezes blowin' through the screen dear
Pour me some of your old fashioned magic
I can hear you whispering in my ear
Don't try to offer me anything
What it comes right down to baby
Don't tempt me; I'm where I wanna be
Cause on the eighth day, God made sweet tea
Certain things in life I like to savor
Watchin' clouds and waitin' on the rain
If you ever question my behavior
Just a taste will make you feel the same now
We've known each other goin' on thirty years
Seen a lot of joy; we've seen a lot of tears
Still I wouldn't change a single thing that I did
Cause we're here, yea.....
Chorus 2X:

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