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16 & Pine

Crazy Legs Rockabilly Legs

Little Lisa is purring on my lap
Jane Bomb's rubbing all my back
Easy Minnie makes my body sweat
But Maria is te girl that defines the best

Everybody knows, where to go
Where the chicks are fine
And the booze flows
Everybody knows, where the chicks are nice
Heaven is on the corner
of 16 & Pine

I got Rosemary all over my neck
The smell of Suzy is in every breath
Sarah was the first, Bonnie was the last
Oh Michelle, my belle i got your name on my chest

I got hit the road, you know where to go
Where the boys get high
'Cause they never say no
Everybody goes, when the time is right
Heaven is on the corner of
16 & Pine

Tell me baby baby
I'm the only one
Here I'm again, I gotta have some fun
Up and down the highway to paradise
I'm just a little boy, so let's do it right
Hell is on the corner of 16 & Pine

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