Crazy Loop

How to find the reason
To accept the pain?
From the deepest ocean
My emotion was born again.

I've gotta detain all these
Flames that come through my mind sometimes,
I ignore this magic age,
But in my vision, I'm insecure

Seventen words,
Seventen roses will keep her satisfied
She'll find him, inside me,
We just need time
And seventen hopes,
Seventen feelings will keep me more alive,
But she'll find him, inside me,
My babe is older now

Then she came to take me
Down, down, down to her lonely world.
When I tired to help her,
My subconscious created love
She told me: "Let's fly now!"
Like there's no other dreamers outside
Then we shared the empitness
She was too sweet, I couldn't fly


Oh, seventen words...
Seventen roses are blind,
I was wrong
When I thought that your heart was real,
Or maybe I couldn't feel,
You told me to stay,
I was late and you're seventen now!
Those seventen hopes I ignored everynight
If you want I can fly with you,
Oh, baby I'm begging you,
It hurts me, this time I won't cry, I'm just...tired
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