Nobody Knows

Cry Before Dawn

There's fighting in the street boys, there's fighting in the glen.
They chose a way that's failed before, might
never try again.
But you were seventeen,
you fought your wars,
And now you're twenty one.
But in the city lights the hunger cries,
Until it's all begun.

Nobody knows the way you're feeling,
Nobody knows it that's for sure.
Gone are the dark times I've had no trouble,
I will, I will, love you.

There's doubts about the future,
And there's doubts about today.
There's clouds outside the harbour boys,
It's never been any other way.
You try to settle down, try to build a home,
It's easy when you're telling me.
But when the hope is gone still carry on,
Until it's all begun.


On and on, on and on, back into my heart again (4x)

Do you love me? Yeah you leave me behind (2X) and do you love me?


I will, I will, love you.
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