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The Seeds That's Been Sown

Cry Before Dawn

If my love is a crime then my love's far behind,
If innocence could justify the crime.
Should time hold back the tears,
All the heartbreak of the years.
Then you'll be sure to wake me from this endless stream of tears.
Oh, oh, oh...

It's the seed that's been sown, to this country i must go.
Though my heart has no strength to carry on.
It's the seed that's been sown, you'll be mine forever more,
With the feeling that yesterday has gone.

Should i stay? should i go? it's never left to us to know,
I'm standing at the crossroads of a lifetime.
It's a life i want to live, it's a life i want to give,
After all it's just an ordinary life i want to live.
Oh, oh, oh...

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