Two Of Us

Curtis Eller's American Circus

When the earth opens up and swallows you down
All the lights from the moon and the stars will be drown
And when the light in your eyes flickers and fades away
You'll find that it's too late because when the lights go out they stay

When you wake up down here and a light fills the room
This light that you're seeing by is a thread from the devil's loom
'Cause he sews his world up in fire and I really don't care who you are
You'll stand before him blackened and burned and he can't tell the skin from the scar

When your skin turns to ash and falls away in the wind
And your heart clenches in regret for all the sin you've sinned
And when the swarm of dustmites that fill the air cloud the sun from your sight
The dust and the ash will grow less everyday and all your days will be night

Moon and the stars will grown birghter
And the blindness in your eyes will fade away
And the fire will grow paler and the black will melt away
And the chains on your feet will decay
and that which is not will suddenly be
When there's two of us instead of only me
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