Turn Cold

Cut Off Your Hands

When all is said and done, i must admit im still so young,
Im still trying to find my feet, and workout which promises to keep
I would like to think that there is something left to find
To help me breath but i doubt it

If somehow i waste all our time
And if by some chance these stars wont align,
If these walls never cease to close in
Dont let me turn cold

Im afraid this place im in,
Is so much darker than youve seen
Im not lying when i say that this is the lonliest ive been
Its not right but all and all, i must confess i just have no idea
When nothings new, nothings old, and everything between us scolds,
I just wish i could put these trembling hands to rest
And there is nothing left to find to help me breath help me breath help me breath
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