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Festival Zydeco

Cyndi Lauper

Hello Pete, Come on Tito.
Allon Party.
Na Bab la'e zons
Ayla bar,
Come on let's go.
Festival Music,
Is zydeco.
The got creole bred.
And barbeque.
Gotta lotta things,
Cooking for you.

Hello Pete, (Hello Pete)
Come on Tito. (Come On Tito)
Allon Party. (Allon Party)
Na Bab la'e zons (Na Bab La'e Zons)
Ayla bar, (Ayla Bar)
Come on let's go. (Come On Lets Go)
Festival Music, (Festival Music)
Is zydeco. (Is Zydeco)
The got creole bred. (they do?)
And barbeque. (I'm Hungry)
Eat it right, (mmm hmm)
And pig tails too (that's a heart attack there child)

Yeah yeah
Zydeco,Come on pierre
Allon doce', a dola puciere'
You see big boy,
And little over there.
Gotta lotta things,
Cooking for you,
Lets dance,
Up to you.
Hello Pete (hello pete)

Come on, now pierre' (come on now pierre) Anou dounce (anou dounce) Adolle pucele (adolla pucele) You see big boy (you see big boy) And we'll too (and we'll too) Gotta lotta things (gotta lotta things) Cookin' for you.

Hello pete

Come on lets go.

Keep goin' (3x)
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